TF is Party Token (PTY)?

For me it was an awesome opportunity to learn to code and deploy a basic ERC20 token on the cheapETH network (testing in prod FTW), for anybody else it is Party token with a faucet, or a method to get some free cheapETH if you decide to swap it on cheapswap. As the name says, it's a party, and not for speculating on. This token is most likely NOT going to the moon and if it does it's the cheapETH moon which is still down here on Earth.


Contract address: 0x4AC1242106601F70BfDc4731D4EEAF7f7501B5Cd - Contract code is plain, and public .
Total supply: 276,338,660,057
Cheapswap liquidity: 1,500 CTH/100,000,000 PTY (Initial $PTY price: 0.000015 CTH per PTY). LP tokens Burned .
Faucet contract balance: 260,000,000,000+. Faucet gives 10,000PTY/address/45min. Faucet code is public.
Other: Kept around 15B for bragging rights, faucet replenish, drops, and potential future party projects.

Who this for?

You broke? Collect 10.000 $PTY every 45 mins using the faucet. Hodl it, send it, swap it , party.
You da whale? Consider buying 1,2,5,10,100 CTH worth of PTY on . You get awesome Party tokens and it raises the price so that faucet users can get more cheapETH for their $PTY. It's like airdropping cheapETH through the Party.
Don't know what to do with the Party tokens your whale a** just bought? You can keep some for party bragging rights, send some to your blockchain friends, provide liquidity on cheapswap and, for lolz, you can send some to the PartyFaucet contract address (0xfd1D23F823dA379a8AA7ADFAf02ed0ce624E1642), then faucet users can continue to collect 10,000 PTY/address/45min after my 260B dries up.
Be a nice whale and pump the Party. Us paperhands love it when we see our cents double :).

Is there any good in this project?

Ofc it is, it's a party!
Faucet users use the cheapETH network to get their tokens.
Users learn/get to use decentralized swapping services like
New crypto users learn the risks of holding for potential greater gains but on the cheap.
Whales of all sizes can pump the party just for the lolz.

let's party! | built on cheapETH | donate to this project: 0xe2Df0122FEB3E49F33791B758b57e0ed2Eb0c6fa